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From a smartphone: To connect to dapps through Konio on a smartphone, simply click on the 'Dapps' icon located on the bottom main bar. This will take you to the catalog of applications supported by Konio. By clicking on the application's logo, its web page will open in your browser. Look for the WalletConnect logo on the application's page and click on it. At the bottom, you will find the Konio icon. Clicking on it will open Konio and prompt a screen asking for your consent to connect the application to Konio.
From a PC: To connect to dapps through Konio on a PC, visit the website of the application you wish to connect. On the application's page, locate the WalletConnect logo and click it. A QRCode will appear on the screen. Open Konio on your smartphone, access the 'Dapps' section by clicking the icon on the bottom right of the main bar, and then click on the scan icon in the top right. Use your camera to scan the QRCode. Konio will open, and a screen will appear asking for your consent to connect the application to Konio. Please note that even though applications are listed in the Konio catalog, they are not exempt from potential security vulnerabilities. Always verify the credibility of applications before using them.
In Konio, you can view outgoing transactions made with a specific coin. From the main screen, click on the logo of the relevant coin. This will lead you to a list of outgoing transactions made using Konio. It's important to note that currently, only outgoing transactions made through Konio will be visible.
In Konio, you always have a main account that was either created or imported using a seed phrase. You can create additional accounts linked to the main account by remembering only the seed phrase of the main account. Each linked account is identified by an index number (1, 2, 3, 4). However, this number is not displayed in Konio, and users can assign a personalized name to each account. To add an account in Konio, open the drawer by clicking on the icon in the top left and select 'Add account.' Choose the name for the account you are adding. Note: It's important to understand that Konio, like any other wallet, acts as an interface to display data stored on the blockchain. No accounts are created, only visualized. Each account resides on the blockchain. If you delete an account from Konio, you are only hiding it; nothing can truly be deleted from the blockchain.
If you have active accounts in another wallet, such as Kondor, you can also use them in Konio. If you are installing Konio for the first time, you can import the account you use in Kondor by entering the same seed phrase (12 words). If you already have a seed phrase entered in Konio and wish to import an account not connected to that seed phrase, you can import the account using its private key. To do this: From Konio's main screen, click on your avatar icon in the top left corner. In the drawer menu, select 'Import account.' Complete the form by choosing a name for your account and entering the private key.
Konio supports 12 languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic, Bengali and Persian. There are no limitations on adding languages. If you want to help us add new languages, you can open a pull request on our GitHub or contact us on Telegram.
To view the 12 words of your seed phrase, access the settings from the drawer menu. Go to the 'Security' section, and then select 'Show seed.' You will be asked for your password or biometric authentication to access this screen. View the seed phrase and make sure to copy it to a secure location.
From Konio's main screen, click 'Add more coins' at the bottom. In the new screen, enter the contract address in the provided field. Click 'Add coin.' If you own coins that are listed in Konio but haven't been added to your list, they will be suggested on this screen, allowing you to add them without retrieving the contract. Additionally, recently added contracts are displayed on this screen.
If you want to send money to a friend whose Kap address or a nickname you know, access the 'Send' section by clicking the central icon in the main bar. In the 'Select recipient' field, type your friend's name, such as 'kap://luke.koin' for Kap or '@luke' for nicknames. Click 'Next' and proceed with the transfer. Alternatively, you can choose to add your friend to your contacts by clicking 'Add to contacts.'
To enhance the security of your accounts, always remember to store seed phrases or private keys in a secure location. Within Konio, choose a strong password for unlocking the wallet and utilize biometric authentication if available on your device. If you suspect that your password has been compromised, change it. You can do so from Settings > Security > Change password. Activate the wallet's auto-lock feature by going to Settings > Security > Auto-lock. This ensures that the wallet will be locked whenever someone gains access to your phone.
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