Native Koinos Wallet

Konio is the first native, cross-platform wallet for the innovative Koinos blockchain, the first zero-fee blockchain oriented towards web3 development and widespread adoption.

appstore-logogoogleplay-logoandroid-logo* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

Wallet Features

Konio is a wallet complete with all features from security to compatibility with the Koinos ecosystem

Accounts Handling

Multiple account management to handle more than one portfolio in a single place

Coin / NFT asset tracker

Handle the list of your owned coins/NFTs tracking quantities and prices


Send money to your accounts or contacts. Fetch recipient from your addressbrook, scanning QRCodes

$MANA Monitor

Koinos is free but you can monitor the top-up level of your $MANA in real time

Transactions History

View the history of transactions carried out for each asset to never lose track of your money

Addressbook and aliases

Use a built-in address book to store your friends addresses, you can reach them using simple aliases like "@john" or "kap://john.koin"

DeFi Browser

Use the internal browser to access the Dapps of the Koinos ecosystem and don't miss any earning opportunities

Wallet Protection

Secure your wallet by setting up password access, biometrics, self-lock, password and seed recovery


Customize your experience by changing the theme, language and many other advanced settings

We Speak Your Language

Konio is localized in more than 10 languages


Simple Beautiful User Interface

A clean and intuitive interface to quickly carry out operations with your wallet

Are you a project owner?

You can ask listing in Konio your DApp to increase your visibility or listing your token to enable Konio users to track the price!

DApp Listing

  • Listing in DApp browser
  • Icon, name, description
  • Find by tags
  • Pinned in browser
Ask for listing
Token Listing

$token Donation
  • Listing in Coin list
  • Found in autodescovery mode
  • Price tracking
  • Pinned in coin list
Ask for listing


The list of all organizations and projects that contribute to the development and dissemination of Konio

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